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One of the ways we encourage and support local safety councils is by providing them tools and safety data, such as the Partnership for Safety web site.

The portal is specifically designed for employees and safety professionals. It is a one-stop-shop, to make information easier to access and more facility specific.

These programs have been created with the Safety Professional in mind. Making Safety Data available to Frontline Workers is key to predicting risk before concerns become an issue. By empowering employees to identify and manage issues at the local level and share their good work, the system takes advantage of its most valued resource, its people.

Portal functionality is limited when using Internet Explorer. We recommend using Google Chrome to access these tools.

ATC InfoHub

Enter, Track, and Share Safety Risk Information

The ATCinfohub is an application that has been designed specifically to enhance knowledge sharing across users of the system.

It is intended to allow Local Safety Council users to input and share facility issues and solutions as well as lessons learned. Users have the ability to create 'Risk Tasks' and 'To Do' items that are limited to their facility, or published as deemed

Safety Data Portal

Exchange Quantitative Safety Data among ATO Facilities

The Safety Data Portal is a tool that has been designed to make accumulated safety data from all parts of the agency available to Local Safety Councils.

This comprehensive resource is intended to offer timely, detailed, and accurate information for users to leverage in visualizing trends and predicting risk.

"The people who deal daily with a particular issue are the most knowledgeable about their own environment. They know what works and what doesn't and they likely have an idea how to fix it. We have been so impressed with the information we receive from our front line people. They deserve credit for our system being the safest and most efficient in the world - and they have great ideas on how to improve in.'

Joseph Teixeira,
FAAMA 'Managing the Skies,'
May/June 2012