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Your LSC

Actively engage employees in identifying local hazards. Develop safety solutions before incidents occur.

PFS is a NATCA/FAA collaborative safety program that provides a basic framework for mandatory Local Safety Councils at each ATC facility.

ATMs and FacReps have worked collaboratively to identify and establish their Local Safety Council (LSC) Now, it is important to maintain a current roster of active local safety council members and subject matters experts. If your facility is participating in PFS, and needs to make changes to the LSC membership, please follow this link and submit a change request form.

This form will allow you to select one training date for your team and/or select alternate training date(s) for individual LSC members. Additionally, completion of this form provides the National PFS Team with the information necessary to establish Safety Data Portal and ATC InfoHub account credentials for each member.

A member of the National PFS Team will then contact the Facility Representative and Air Traffic Manager for concurrence and validation of the LSC roster. Following training completion, access to the tools will be granted for each new active member.

Local Safety Council Established
New LSC Members Registered for Training