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Mandatory roll-out of the PFS Local Safety Council (LSC) Training program began February 1, 2014. If your facility needs to make changes to the LSC membership and to choose your training dates, please submit a PFS Change Request Form.

This 2-hour, instructor led, web-based course, provides training on the capabilities and functionality of both the Safety Data Portal and ATC InfoHub tools, and specific guidance on how each LSC may benefit from the data contained therein. This course will also provide an in-depth look at the purpose and scope of the LSC, member role(s) and responsibilities, and an overview of the Order and MOU. Upon completion, the designated LSC member is considered an active part of the program.

The National Partnership for Safety Program Office coordinates with each facility, to ensure each new LSC member is registered and receives credentials to PFS Portals.

For your convenience we have provided a listing of scheduled training dates. Check back here for new offerings!

  Training Schedule

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We look forward to hearing from each training participant. Your feedback matters!

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