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Safety Analyst

Collaboration is KEY

In the creation of Local Safety Councils, Union and Government Leaders work together to empower employees to speak up about what they see, to research trends, and to institute changes where needed.

As experts at your local facility – you are being asked to become a “Safety Analyst”, and in this role you will need to work as a group – Collaboration is key!

• Remain focused on the mission of the program
• Protect the sensitive information on the Data Portal
• Become familiar with the dashboards within the Safety Portal so you can identify trending.
• Identify trends using the Portal
• Promote reporting through ATSAP and sharing reports with the LSC – the more information available to the LSC – the better the results.
• Share your safety issues/mitigation with others via the InfoHub

Local Safety Council Established
New LSC Members Registered for Training
Training Complete
LSC Meeting "to identify and mitigate systemic issues on a local level”