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Monthly Telecons

Join us for our PFS National Monthly Teleconferences every 3rd Tuesday and Thursday at 1:00 pm EST.

We’ll meet to discuss issues and answer questions relevant to the continued success of your LSC. Come ready to share information and ideas. Watch your email for invitations.

Exploring the Portals, Live Demonstrations. Each month we'll continue to expound upon the features and capabilities of the PFS Tools. Each online tutorial will feature highlights, updates, and newly enhanced views.

Fatigue. Join us as we discuss the importance of mitigating operational fatigue in the ATO. The FAA and NATCA are committed to identifying and mitigating ATC fatigue risk. Changes to JO 7210.3, 2-6-7 BWS, represent a significant step forward in managing fatigue in ATC operations.

Human Factors and Safety, Break Right! This Webinar series dedicated to increasing our awareness and lowering potential risk factors. Do we have the, right people, in the, right roles with the, right information, and the, right skills, and the, right tools, and the right, role models, with the, right motivation, to do the job?

Local Safety Council Established
New LSC Members Registered for Training
Training Complete
LSC Meeting "to identify and mitigate systemic issues on a local level”
Stay Current at the PFS National Telecons