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History of PFS

The Partnership for Safety Initiative was launched on July 1, 2010 by the Air Traffic Organization (ATO), NATCA and PASS in order to help the ATO address operational concerns due to an increase in reported incidents in the National Airspace System (NAS). As a result of these concerns, front line personnel in Air Traffic and Technical Operations were tasked to identify safety risks.

Identifying risk and mitigating its effects is critical in maintaining an acceptable level of safety in the NAS. Partnership for Safety seeks to proactively engage employees in developing safety solutions. PFS provides and avenue for employees to help us identify risk before an incident or accident takes place. Employees are encouraged to participate in this program by discussing operational concerns that may be responsible for increasing risk in our daily operations, the way we do business, communicate or operate. These conditions extend beyond a single event, or cause, to examine specific aviation safety problems from a broader system perspective at the local level.

PFS encourages the establishment of Local Safety Councils (LSCs) in all facilities. ATO Safety supports LSCs by providing access to data and sharing tools, enabling them to proactively manage risk in the NAS.

Partnership for Safety --Empowering Safety Professionals in the Development of Local Solutions.